"Telephone calls" canvas.

I'm constantly inspired by the simple differences between people, the varieties and all little stories that are standing behind all of us. I love how non-identical we are, but at the same time how very easily we can create communities, groups and relationships. Below A4 canvas is a continuation of "Loosing colours" art journal spread and "Connections" canvas.


  1. och! szalenie lubię to uczucie, gdy najpierw zachwyca się mój wzrok, a następnie dusza :)
    Absolutnie uwielbiam tę pracę, Kasiu!

  2. What a stunning page - and those words are so powerful.
    Alison x

  3. Love your canvas and how the added text envolves all of the shown characters with an untold story, Kasia!

    A brilliant piece of artwork!

    Claudia x

  4. Your page is brilliant and so strong! I really love the design,Kasia, so well done!
    Jackie xo

  5. Wow, what an amazing & novel idea. The colours put by each headshot is fascinating, the words at the side are powerful & mysterious. The colours are incredible; vintage, sepia, distressed, all fitting perfectly with theme. There is a slightly dark, almost sinister vibe happening which is brilliant! Every part is drawing my attention, I want to know the stories behind each person. Or do I? Fabulous piece! Tfs


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