"Intentions" stones.

A few weeks ago we spent three lovely day in Wales. It was short but I absolutely fell in love with views and we both really enjoyed these few days off. That time we were very busy with Wanderlust. Well... we still are but that's another story :)

I love the sea, the beach and all these treasures you can find there. I came back home with two tubs full of stones, shells, feathers, sand etc. They were so beautiful that I just couldn't let them stay in these boxes, I had to bring them to live and that is how I created my little stones.
The mandala shape is still one of my biggest inspirations. I love the harmony and simplicity of it. I think the shape itself holds an amazing energy and that is why I really love these little stones so much.
Another inspiration behind them is artwork from Taran Eco Design which is an amazing place to visit in Wales.


  1. Beautiful, serene and calming - as it sounds your few days off also were. Very excited about Wanderlust - I'm all signed up!
    Alison xx

  2. I love nature art and the simplicity of your stones makes the materials and effects used on them even more striking! I love this kind of "calm intensity". Very beautiful! Looking forward to an exciting 2016 year full of Wanderlust!
    Claudia x

  3. Kasia, I had to lol as my husband has taken to making sure we have a bucket along when we go to the beach! I have a Zen garden I am working on in my yard and this is where I use most of my treasures!
    Yours are delightful! I love the mandalas you have created using these wonderful gifts from nature!

  4. Kasia,

    your stones are just beautiful... I know what I just might be doing next in my studio ;-)


  5. The stones looks beautiful...what a great idea!!! And I agree Mandalas give immense energy...there is something just beautiful about the balance of the design...


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