Fingertip series - part II

My collection of Fingertip cards, folders and books is slowly growing. If you are interested what is Fingertip series and how did I start it, please click here.

Today I would like to share the continuation of this explorative journey and experiments with my fingerprints. A little book (3.5"x3.5") inspired by art of the amazing organic shapes and textures. Filled with hand-dyed papers, scraps, painted tea bags and resin paper.

I decided to list this book together with a few other items from my "Fingertip series" in my Etsy shop. Please click here to have a look. :)


  1. Simply fabulous, I love these!!!!

  2. These are simply wonderful, Kasia... I've been so out of it with travel and work, but really looking forward to trying to catch up with some of the Wanderlust wonders soon, as well as what all my favourite artists and crafters have been up to.
    Alison x


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