Mid Wales & "Small Winter"

Hello! Looks like last time I posted here it was first day of May and I was sitting in front of the computer in the house... that I don't live anymore.

During last month we have moved to a sweet house in Mid Wales - place that I was secretly dreaming of for some time.  I know, millions of people are moving every day, from place to place and from country to another but... you know, for me it seems quite a big step that 2 years ago I wouldn't expect I am going to make. Very personal step. So let me be a bit selfish now as I'm going to say that I am honestly proud of myself. I think we all could do with admitting it more often and being happy with our own little achievements.

It's really not the material stuff that I'm so proud of, it's being myself... finding this Kasia that can be strong, that can make decisions, that can move and do things and that was hidden for way too long in the walls that she built herself. This is a massive change for me and I decided to celebrate and embrace it.

In the meantime  I was of course doing stuff just like I always do, just kept going. I think I finished with blue fingertip series and I'm moving on to the reds - very exciting of course, I feel like I just discovered this colour. I still art journal almost every day, even if it's just a tiny little bit. Every week we are shooting something for Everything Art so that keeps us pretty busy as well.

I'm totally stunned with the love and good power that comes to us from Wanderlust Community. Support and understanding are something that this place is totally immersed in and I'm absolutely loving it. These people there are so beautiful! If you are on Wanderlust Community and you are reading this I want to say one thing - THANK YOU!

Here's a prove that I'm working hard at Everything Art - a capture from my last class on Wanderlust. I was making some mixed-media prayer flags.

And to prove another thing, the fact hat I was busy, let me show you one of my blue Fingertip Series sets. This one is smaller than others but still comes in a nice little folder. Cards are made out of hard covers of an authentic old book and are painted using mixed-media and encaustic techniques.
Size of each card is about 2.3"x2.3"
The set is called "Small winter"

This set and the others are available in my Etsy shop


  1. Congratulations on achieving this dream Kasia! I’m a 'Wanderluster' and think it is also thanks to you and Jamie that Wanderlust turned out such a marvellous place. I love this story, it’s an encouraging feel good story. Also love your fingertip series :-)

  2. Congrats from me too!!! I am also taking part in Wanderlust and I love it, couldn't ask a better teachers than you and Jamie, the atmosphere is very welcoming and I love it there!!! All the best!

  3. Good to see you happy with your move! Beautiful place!!! Congratulations! And I am one of the students of Wanderlust grateful and happy with that beautiful adventure!


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