Colour wheel feast part II

In my last blog post I was on about this new set of stamps that we created with PaperArtsy, but there wasn't much of a good sample, was there? Well... maybe 20 minutes of a video is some kind of a sample, but I guess some of you just want to see some hard evidence that these stamps really work well. And they do so here are a few samples:

You can get yourself a set of these stamps from Everything Art shop.

Colour wheels, colours wheels and colour wheels again. They are a great fun, believe me. In a few minutes I was able to try some of the colour combinations that always were on my "to try out" list. Crayons, pastels, watercolours, acrylics, fabrics, scraps of papers - anything goes and everything works! I think it's a great idea for all of us who like some experimenting with colours or need to learn how to nicely mix them and combine them.

A good colour and material combination can  lead you to a good art journal page. This will always be a great fun because colours are already chosen so all you need to do is to stick to them and play.

Colour wheels as a gift tag and decoration item? Why not! I'm sure some of my arty friends will really really appreciate getting a present packed like that.

Mood boards! O my, that's a big thing. Don't you love mood boards? I always have mine in front of my desk. A good bunch of inspiration bursting with colours and positive energy! No better way to get things going, I'm telling you! I'm simply creating a few colour wheels and choosing which colour combinations I love the most. I stick them on my mood board and they keep me inspired for a few next weeks.

And what do you love most about creating your colour wheels and how would you use them? I'm sure there are some pretty good ideas in your head! 
Why won't you share on your social media using #EAstamps as a hashtag. 
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