Colour wheels feast!

Hello, hello! Are there any stamping addicts here to share my love to a good piece of rubber? :)
Well, guess what? We (Everything Art) have just released a new set of stamps and they are... amazing and I really mean it. Why? Well... they are super useful and very versatile. Just have a look:

Who doesn't like colour wheels? I love them and they are pretty addictive. Please have a look at our video where I demonstrate a few ideas on how to use this set.

Everything Art EEA03 Summer Stamp Release from Everything Art on Vimeo.

Now guys, it's your turn to show us what you can do with these. You can get them from some of Wanderlust partners but also directly from our Everything Art shop. The worldwide shipping is included in the price so wherever you are in the world I will pack it in a nice bag for you and we will take it to our little post office to ship it for you.
I'm sure you will enjoy them! 
Have a lovely day!


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