Paintbrush in a... book.

...this is what it exactly is and there is probably not much more left to explain.

Altering books is one of my favourite things. The one that I used as a base for this little project was destroyed by me but believe me that my intentions were pure and good. Its cover is now a part of my art journal from one our recent trip and it serves me very well. I'll show it soon but for now let's see what happened to the guts. 

A book turned into a frame to praise one of my favourite tools - a paintbrush.

This paintbrush is of course one of the stamps from our recent set made with PaperArtsy:

{set is available here - worldwide shipping included}

A little bit of painting, spraying... pure pleasure. I think I like these little forms a lot.
Have a great evening!


  1. beautiful and the idea just inspires Thanks for sharing xoxo

  2. Thank Kasia, great idea, first see i think paintbrush is real.


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