Wanderlust is back!

Hi everyone! Today I'm very happy and proud to announce that Wanderlust class is back in 2017. 2016 is still in full swing and it's more than fabulous (thank you all who created it with us!), but September is a good time to start think about next year and plan something to learn from.

Wanderlust is a year-long mixed-media online class with 24 different Guest Teachers (here is the list) from all over the world. Each one of them will be sharing a full-lenght in depth lesson to inspire you and teach you.

Then there is me and Jamie and we are the resident Teachers on Wanderlust class. Each one of us will have 13 full lenght and in depth videos. Jamie is our Product Expert and this year he will be experimenting a lot, believe me! He will get very adventurous so if you are fancy finding out how to incorporate soldering or dremels in your craft and art then you are going to love it.

What about my classes?
For 2017 I'm giving myself a little bit more freedom so I won't have to be limited to supplies that I want to show. I will get more adventurous too! On 2016 you can see some of my classes recorded outside, in the garden, in Welsh valleys, because I'm not exactly the type to sit down at my desk all the time. I will be teaching a lot though and I will make sure that each of these 13 classes is interesting and inspiring!


Here you can find some of the testimonials from our Adventurers about Wanderlust 2016 class.

Come and join us my Friends! You will love it, I'm pretty sure about it.


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