Why did I get so talkative? New EA stamps!

How about a new set of stamps for Autumn? Last weekend we have released our new "rubber babies" on Everything Art social media and website. Once again my collages were turned into stamps and you know what... I honestly love them!

If you want to see me getting excited about the set of stamps (yes, they do make me talkative!) then here is our little demo:

Introducing EEA04 stamps from Everything Art on Vimeo.

And here's one of my first samples, an art journal spread - one of many that I finally photographed today so I will be able to share some more in the next few days.

Thank you all who keep on visiting my little place, though I am not the most systematic blogger ever. I used to do it so much more often and still I would love to come back to that habit but you know how it is... Everything Art needs a lot of work and time every day and when I actually get some free time I just dive into art journaling or reading and that's it. But maybe now since Autumn came and evenings are longer (but are they really?) I will be able to take the dust off my little blog's shelves.
Thank you again!


  1. Kasiu, fantastyczne stemple!!! Nie mogę się napatrzeć na te wszystkie detale na kolażu z kobietą, tubka od farbki jest genialna! a napisy... uwielbiam je same w sobie! A z innej beczki... muszę to napisać... wyglądasz przepięknie! Może mało oryginalnie to zabrzmi, ale małżeństwo Ci służy :) Ten blask w oczach tłumaczy wszystko :)

  2. Ojoj, genialne są! G-E-N-I-A-L-N-E!


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