niedziela, 7 lutego 2016

Self-portrait experiments.

I'm experimenting here recently quite a lot. Now I'm experimenting with my... face.

Identity art journal spread

sobota, 30 stycznia 2016

Victorian Sketchbook...

... is the name of one of my new stencils that I designed for The Crafter's Workshop. When I was making my drawings for this one (it was really a pleasurable process) I expected that it may be a nice stencil to work with on delicate backgrounds, and feminine projects. When I actually got it in my hands in a stencil form I was completely stunned. It turned out even better than I thought giving me an instant inspiration to create my first pieces using it. And there it is, another art journal page using Victorian Sketchbook stencil.

My butterfly - art journal page
This page is about "something"... as each one of my art journal pages. I don't really njoy creating pages that don't have any meaning. So this time I explored a bit my fascination with fragility and beauty that meet together so often creating the most exquisite combinations.
A bit of my favourite Abstract paints, Gelli Plate and Victorian Sketchbook in 12x12" size. What else? Tea bags, watersoluble Neocolors, gesso, lace and... of course a butterfly.
All of my stencils will be soon available at retailers. We will also have them at ATP :)

piątek, 22 stycznia 2016

Simplicity - Wanderlust Book spread

How are you creative people? Do you have any New Year Resolutions? I must say that I gave up on that, it never worked for me. Whatever I would promise myself at the beginning of the year I would abandon very quickly and mostly only a disappointment is what I was left with. Not very motivating, is it?

That is why this year I thought that whatever happens, happens and I want only one thing - to be happy. Art journaling makes me happy as you know. That is why I'm so happy to do it even more regularly when we are hosting so many little activities on Wanderlust 2016 class - it's still not too late to sign in!

One of them is Wanderlust Book - an art journal which will be our memory from the whole of 2016 and our creative journey. We got thought-provoking prompts and a few other ideas that will make it a bit addictive hopefully. Here is my art journal spread for second prompt this year...


I used one of my new stencils already presented in the previous post - TCW619 Corncob Etching:

It will be available to buy from retailers very soon, but in the meantime please have a look at all of them:

wtorek, 12 stycznia 2016

New Kasia's 2016 stencils!

First blog post in 2016 and big news at the same time. After a short break I'm back with new stencils for The Crafter's Workshop. They are probably a bit different than those from my past collections, but I must admit - I love them the most! I hope they do have the character but still leave you plenty of space to turn your works into your style while using them. That was my goal and I think it worked pretty well, so now ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my five new babies:

TCW617 - Dream Girl
TCW618 - Victorian Sketchbook
TCW619 - Corncob Etching

TCW620 - Cards and Lace

TCW621 - Coaster

 Which ones are your favourite? Make up your mind quickly as soon they will be available in stores.
To inspire you here is a little example with two of them:

Family Photograph - art journal page
TCW618 - Victorian Sketchbook in the background.

 Family photograph - art journal

Nice Life tags.
TCW619 Corncob Etching used with Gelli Plate.

Nice Life tags

niedziela, 13 grudnia 2015

Wanderlust early bird price - only 2 days left!

It's only a few weeks left to start Wanderlust 2016 - a year long online class that I and Jamie created together with 24 Guest Teachers. It was a long journey and a lot of hard work but every day we could feel our excitement growing and now when it's so close we just can't wait to start it. 

We are selling Wanderlust 2016 class at promotional price £65 (approx $100 / €90) only until 15th of December 2015, which means that you have only 2 days left now! Later the class will cost £99.

Click here for more details and full description of our class. Here you can also buy it using a credit card, debit card, bank transfer or telephone. 

Currently we are very busy preparing videos for Wanderlust and of course preparing ourselves for Christmas. Filming takes a lot of hard work but allows us also to be creative and enjoy art which is what we truly love about it. To create these videos for you we have already been to many different places (that's right, Wanderlust videos aren't filmed only in the studio) and often had to deal with British weather but it's all so exciting! Here are a few screenshots from the videos we are currently working on:

And if it's about Christmas... well... I managed to produce quite a lot of gingerbread biscuits! I must admit I'm quite proud of the fact that I finished as it was a long long job. Now I'm off to wrap some presents. What about you? Are you ready for Christmas?

niedziela, 15 listopada 2015

"Nothing is changing" art journal.

It seems like I didn't share here any of my art journal pages for quite a long time. I'm very happy then that I found a moment today to write this little blog post.
Below page is very personal as all of my art journals are and I feel like attempting to describe exactly what is it about or even trying to translate my writing is hard if not impossible. Let me just say that it's about... love. Like most of the stuff in my life recently :)

"Nothing is changing" art journal page
"Nothing is changing"

As you can see on the picture above I worked in my new square Dylusions art journal. I loved the previous one - just the quality of paper and the way it's sewn makes it a prefect book for me. I'm off now to continue my work in it. I wish you all a lovely and creative Sunday!

wtorek, 3 listopada 2015

Everything Art at Art Materials Live!

Hello everybody!
I'm very happy and excited to announce that Everything Art will be at the great Art Materials Live show at the NEC in Birmingham this weekend! I will be demonstrating my mixed-media canvas painting and collage for all four days (5/11-8/11) and together with Jamie we will be very happy to have a chat with all of you who will decide to visit our stand. 
We are on stand K02! Please come because we love to share our love to art, mixed-media and art journaling with others. 

On Saturday we are also going to have an amazing guest, one of our Wanderlust 2016 teachers - Magda Polakow. She will be also demonstrating and sharing her lovely techniques with us. 
We will also have a special freebie for those who will buy the class at the show!
We are very excited and just finished preparing some colourful decorations for our stand. If you can't come please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as we'll be sharing pictures from the show every day.

Hej kochani! 
Jestem bardzo bardzo szczęśliwa i podekscytowana mogąc ogłosić że nasze "dziecko" Everything Art będzie na ogromnym i wspaniałym show Art Materials Live w Birmingham w ten weekend! Będę prowadziła pokazy malowania mixed-media i kolażu codziennie przez cztery dni (od 5 listopada do 8) i razem z Jamie będzie nam bardzo przyjemnie porozmawiać z każdym z Was kto zdecyduje się zajrzeć. Nasze stanowisko to K02! Jeżeli któraś z naszych Polek się tam znajdzie to serdecznie zapraszamy bo uwielbiamy zarażać naszą pasją. W sobotę będzie z nami również jedna z instruktorek Wanderlust 2016 Magda Polakow. Magda będzie również demonstrować oraz odsłaniać rąbek tajemnicy swojego warsztatu. Dla każdego kto zakupi Wanderlust 2016 podczas show będziemy mieli upominek.
A jeżeli nie możecie się pojawić to śledźcie proszę nasze profile na mediach społecznościowych, bo codziennie będziemy dzielić się z Wami zdjęciami z show: FacebookInstagram oraz Twitter.

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