wtorek, 15 września 2015

Wanderlust 2016 Teachers part I

I'm so excited to share this amazing news with you - we have just revealed our 16th teacher for Wanderlust 2016 on Everything Arts Facebook page and website. The team is already amazing, but there will be even more. Still 8 teachers are waiting to be revealed so please follow us on Facebook to get to know the whole fabulous team.

As far we revealed Kate Crane, Teresa McFayden, Rachel Greig, Beckah Krahula, Joanne Sharpe, Flora Bowley, Mystele, Andy Skinner, Finnabair, Birgit Koopsen, Lindsay Weirich, Magda Polakow, Carolyn Dube, Stephanie Schutze, Maryia Potapovich and Jennifer Lee.

Isn't it a fabulous team already?
Please visit our Teachers page on Everything Art website to learn more about them and enjoy their stunning artwork.

Remember that early registration is now open making each class only about £1.25 each. The price will go up once this period is over, so now is the time to jump on it if you're interested. See you on Wanderlust! :)

niedziela, 13 września 2015

"Intentions" stones.

A few weeks ago we spent three lovely day in Wales. It was short but I absolutely fell in love with views and we both really enjoyed these few days off. That time we were very busy with Wanderlust. Well... we still are but that's another story :)

I love the sea, the beach and all these treasures you can find there. I came back home with two tubs full of stones, shells, feathers, sand etc. They were so beautiful that I just couldn't let them stay in these boxes, I had to bring them to live and that is how I created my little stones.
The mandala shape is still one of my biggest inspirations. I love the harmony and simplicity of it. I think the shape itself holds an amazing energy and that is why I really love these little stones so much.
Another inspiration behind them is artwork from Taran Eco Design which is an amazing place to visit in Wales.

poniedziałek, 7 września 2015

Wanderlust 2016 - a dream that is coming true.

Hello! Today I'm thrilled to share with you a little story about my dream that is just coming true. The whole thing is so massively important to me that it's even difficult to find the right place to start. Anyway I think I have to start with the word... "sharing". It sounds magical and it is indeed magical. I learnt about it's real meaning when I started teaching art journal classes few years ago. Sharing my passion, creativity and inspirations became one of the best things in my life and the more I was giving to other people the more was always coming back to me and each time it was getting stronger.

Unfortunately for few reasons I always felt limited and couldn't get to each and every person as close as I wanted. I am so full of ideas but most of them are just too much for four hours class. I wanted to inspire and show what inspires me instead of share step-by-step instructions. I wanted to create a group of artists who will share their creative process and inspire others to... just simply create without too much thinking and without planning.
I wanted to experiment and explore creative world, I wanted to teach people and learn from others at the same time.
Then I met Jamie and we quickly found out that we have same dreams and together we can make it work. We created Everything Art Ltd.

After few months of working all days we can now introduce you our dream that came true - Wanderlust 2016.

Wanderlust 2016 by Everything Art from Everything Art on Vimeo.

Wanderlust is whole year long journey - an online event offering you videos from 24 guest teachers and 2 resident teachers (me and Jamie) one every week (each one downloadable and with PDF instructions provided), 50 amazing videos, which will run for over 50 hours in total, access to a forum with an amazing and friendly community, inspirations, challenges, discussions, galleries, workshops, interviews, giveaways and generous discounts from our partners. The perfect alternative to in-person classes! 

More details about the class structure and our mission  here.

Wanderlust is our answer to all people. Some who want to try, who are hungry for experiments and who want to learn, whatever your level of experience.

You don’t have to travel, spend money on accommodation, pack your suitcases or find babysitter for your kids, but still you are getting a bunch of inspirations from the best teachers in the industry that you can interact with on our forum, a fabulous community and topics where you are welcome to share opinions and enjoy all the bigger and smaller activities we prepared for you.

We have created an amazing team of 24 international teachers who will share their love to art with you. The teachers list is a secret now, but tomorrow we are going to start revealing them. Like our Facebook page to follow reveals. I am one of them of course, and in total on Wanderlust I am going to teach 13 in-depth classes!

This whole year long journey with one of best teachers in art and craft industry costs only £65 (approx $100 / €89) which makes it a great value adventure in mixed-media and art journaling. Please keep in mind that it's a special offer, only until December 15th 2015. Later the whole class will cost £99. 

Registration already started! You can book your seat here .
See you on Wanderlust 2016 :)

czwartek, 3 września 2015

Coming back to Prague - October 17th!

Hello! Today I'm here to share with you very exciting news - I am coming back to Prague to teach this Autumn. Isn't it great? I fell in love with this city and people out there last year, so I'm very very happy to come back and enjoy this amazing and creative atmosphere on the class again. This time it's all about mixed-media art journals. Here's the short video to show you what we will be up to:

Here you can book your place and read more details. See you in Prague!

sobota, 15 sierpnia 2015

A new little story.

Some time ago I found out that the best way to learn new techniques is by making mistakes. I simply realised that I don't have to fix my little failures, I can just... repurpose them. That is how I created below art journal spread. The background that was a mistake and accidentally spilled paint became a new little story.
Jakiś czas temu odkryłam, że najszybciej uczę się technik korzystając z własnych pomyłek. Zauważyłam, że nie muszę starać się naprawiać błędów, mogę je po prostu wykorzystać w inny sposób. Tak właśnie powstała poniższa praca. Tło które było pomyłką i przypadkowo rozlaną farbą stało się moją kolejną małą historią.

sobota, 1 sierpnia 2015

My July Inspiration Soup {2015}

"My Inspiration Soup" - a bunch of my random personal inspirations from last month.  Pictures, songs, books, quotes, colours and much more - all these things you will find in this blog posts series. If your stuck, and maybe looking for something inspiring for yourself, take your seat and enjoy.
"My Inspiration Soup" - garść moich nieuporządkowanych osobistych inspiracji z mijającego miesiąca. Zdjęcia, piosenki, książki, cytaty, kolory i wiele więcej - wszystko to znajdziecie w tej serii postów. Jeżeli więc utknęliście i być może szukacie czegoś inspirującego dla siebie, zajmijcie wygodne miejsca i przeglądajcie uważnie.


niedziela, 26 lipca 2015

Coincidence & Destiny art journal

My art journal is full of accidents and mistakes; pages that I started and never finished or those that took me only few moments. Below two recent spreads, both made on "accidental" backgrounds.
Mój art journal pełen jest przypadków i pomyłek; stron, które zaczęłam ale nigdy nie skończyłam, oraz tych które zabrały mi tylko kilka minut. Poniżej dwa ostatnie wpisy. Oba powstały na "przypadkowym" tle.

{The Welcoming Prayer}

{Coincidence and destiny}

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